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Did you know the "expense" of home staging can actually save you money? See how much you could save by staging your home first. 

Monthly Mortgage Amount $ 1,200 -

Monthly Carrying Costs

(utilities, taxes, etc)- $ 500

Months on Market When Unstaged - 9

Reduction in Months When Staged- 7 (on average a house will sell within 2 months after it has been staged) Staging Fee

$ 1,200-(estimated)

Cost to List Unstaged $ 15,300 -

(Mortgage X 9 months on market + monthly carrying costs)

Savings When Staged First $ 10,700

(Mortgage x 2 months on the market +carrying costs X2 + staging fee-costs to list unstaged)

****According to the Real Estate Staging Association if you stage first you are likely to spend 78% less time on the market.